Refurbished is our middle name! (Literal)

At Omolo we not only sell refurbished devices, but we can often also restore your personal device to tip-top condition.

Enter your name and email below and what you would like us to repair or send an email with this information to

After this, we will respond as quickly as possible with a reasonable offer, so that you can send your hardware to us and we can get it back into excellent condition!

Examples of repairs we can carry out are: Apple Macbooks, HP laptops, Windows laptops and more!

This way we save the environment from e-waste together and you save a few cents by not purchasing new hardware!

Repairs that we regularly carry out:

Apple MacBook (Pro) Repair

- Replace MacBook battery/battery
- MacBook screen replaced
- MacBook hard drive replacement
- MacBook hard reset
- MacBook keyboard repair
- Replaced Macbook trackpad

HP & other Windows laptops

- Replace laptop battery/accumulator
- Replace laptop screen
- Replace laptop hard drive
- Laptop hard reset
- Laptop keyboard repair
- Laptop trackpad replaced

Upgrades and other services

- Upgrade Macbook/Laptop SSD
- Upgrade Macbook/Laptop memory/RAM
- Upgrade Macbook/Laptop Battery/Battery
- Laptop APK (Clean & Reset)
- Macbook maintenance

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