Customized ordering and service!

Omolo Refurbished has been supplying large quantities of hardware to various companies since 2017. We often also take care of any services and maintenance, so that you no longer have to worry about this!

With our expertise, connections and extensive business range, your employees receive a high-quality laptop or even complete workplace with top-quality support.

In this way we relieve your company in the field of hardware and you also save the environment and of course costs!

Buying old hardware

Want to make money from your old hardware? Are there any laptops collecting dust at your company? At Omolo Refurbished we are happy to buy it from you. Of course for a fair price!

Your hardware will get a second life with us through refurbishment, whereby the devices are cleaned, possibly repaired and of course deleted any data 100% securely.

In this way, your company contributes to a circular economy and less e-waste and you also earn something from it!

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