Remis à neuf?

A refurbished device is a device that
has been used before but has been completely overhauled by technical staff
professionals, so you have an as good as new device for one
fraction of the new price! During the refurbishment process
any defects detected and repaired, parts showing wear
exhibits are replaced preventively and then computers are used
extensively tested to ensure the device is 100% functional.

is a way to give valuable electronics a second life and
reduce electronic waste at the same time, so it is much better
for the environment than new equipment! In addition, you don't save alone
emissions for the environment, but you also save money in your wallet.

There are several benefits to purchasing refurbished electronics:

  1. Cost savings: Our refurbished products are cheaper than new ones, so you can save money without sacrificing quality.
  2. Environmentally friendly:
    By using refurbished electronics you contribute to reducing electronic waste and helping to extend the lifespan of products, which is much more beneficial for the environment.
  3. Quality:
    At Omolo, all our Refurbished products undergo thorough testing and repairs to ensure they function properly. This means we can always guarantee high quality.
  4. Warranty and service:
    Omolo gives at least a 12-month warranty on refurbished products. What if something goes wrong? We will then do everything we can to solve the problem as quickly as possible without long waiting times.
  5. Access to out-of-life models:
    Sometimes out-of-life/older models are no longer available new, but are available as refurbished versions. This can be useful for people looking for specific features not available in recent models. Are you looking for a specific model? Let us know, we have a wide network and can usually obtain all computers without any problems.

In short, buying refurbished electronics offers a mix of financial benefits
benefits, environmental friendliness and access to quality products that
might otherwise be out of reach.

At Omolo you always receive at least a 12-month warranty on our refurbished products.

If something goes wrong with your product, we have all processes and specialists ready to resolve this as quickly as possible and without long waiting times.

At Omolo we use a condition system for all our refurbished devices. The meaning of these conditions is as follows:

Premium Refurbished:
Premium refurbished laptop, as good as new!

- An as good as new laptop for a lower price!
- Signs of use are virtually non-existent or barely visible
- Battery is new or has at least 90% capacity

Light Used:
Refurbished laptop with light signs of use.

- Good middle ground, best price-quality ratio
- Light signs of use, such as a scratch/dent here and there on the housing
- Battery at least 80% capacity 

Visibly Used:
Refurbished laptop that is 100% functional with visible
traces of use. These machines are ready for a second round and have been completely technically checked and are in top technical condition!

- Exceptional value, always the best deal!
- Visible signs of use, such as: several dents, scratches, discolorations on the housing
- Battery at least 80% capacity


We always ship your product within 3 working days.

Displeased? No problem!

We love satisfied customers and will always try to think along with you. You always have a 14-day cooling-off period, during which you can return the product without any reason for a full refund. Do not hesitate to contact our support service, they will be happy to help you.

Should your product no longer work, or is something wrong?

At Omolo we have everything ready to serve you as best and as quickly as possible
to help. We will first try to solve the problem remotely with you
unload. If this does not work, you can return the product and we will repair it as quickly as possible. Thanks to our expertise and streamlined processes, we can often have your product back in tip top condition in a short time. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service, we will be happy to help you.

We now have a lot of experience and expertise in repairing laptops and therefore also have a repair service. We will repair or upgrade your laptop for a reasonable price within 5 working days.


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